Thursday, February 21, 2008

Having Weasel Pox gives you a lot of time to think.

I was going to do a post about how much I hate student elections, and how all the fliers the candidates are putting up are useless or worse, and then I found a candidate I can support.

He's a columnist at the DI, he writes entertaining, generally to the point columns, and he's not Paul Schmitt.

I am officially endorsing Scott Green for Student Trustee. Scott is the only candidate to take his message directly to the voters. Unlike Mr. Schmitt, who has hidden behind a flurry of fliers and a deceptive website that only takes visitors to a facebook group, Scott Green has done the right thing and declared his candidacy for Student Trustee right out in the open, and elaborated on his platform.

Granted, his platform seems to be that he thinks this is bullshit, but he brought that platform to the voters, and it's one I can damn well get behind.

So, fellow Illini, when you vote for your (generally useless) student government this term, vote for the man who recognizes the futility of the situation. Scott Green. You'll have to write him in, because he's too bad for the ballot.

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Scott Green said...

This is the greatest endorsement a write-in trustee candidate could get, unless I am forgetting somebody, like perhaps a campus newspaper.

Anyway I am deeply honored and appreciate your vote. With your help, we will break the one dozen votes mark! Hooray! You better believe you'll be mentioned in my concession speech, if I bother to give one.