Monday, February 25, 2008

Craigslist is weird.

My friend Sarah got me reading the missed connections on Craigslist. They're all over the place - some of them are sad, some of them are sweet, some of them are just bizarre. And apparently "family" doesn't refer to the mob.

There's this long, sad one, to "Squishy," that's just a bit heartbreaking.
"Why can't you just call me?...You hurt me along the way. Blowing me off on my birthday, not giving me a hug when I really needed it. But that's okay. I can live with those things. I was good to you. I was there for you...I would drop my world for you in a heartbeat, because I'm your friend.
I miss you.
It's heartbreaking. You can smell the sadness there, the confusion, and the desperation.

There's also a preponderance of ones from the 13N. By a preponderance, I mean two, one of which could refer to almost anybody.
" You were the asian girl listening to a pink MP3 player with sunglasses this morning on the Silver MTD bus. You are cute!"
There's a bit of a tiff, too, about whether that one Asian guy with the tattoos is really as hot as it would seem, since:
"Dude, there is no way in hell so many 21 year old women are posting about the SAME ASIAN DUDE with the tattoo at CRCE. We know it is you posting about yourself. Just stop already. You're not hot, nor are you special enough to get a real missed connection. "
Actually, giving it a second thought, most of them are kind of sad, like the one called "Why not me?"
"Why is no one ever looking for me? I see plenty of people every day. I smile and make eye contact at the guys I like, yet still nothing. I have enough self confidence to think that I'm somewhat cute enough to get someone looking for me. All I want is to be wanted..."
Someone, either kind or cruel, responded to this with:
"Actually, I've really wanted to post about you for a long time, but I'm very shy. Let's talk about it the next time we see each other in person."

I think that proves the last sentence of this post:
(everyone deserves an MC)

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Kristian Campbell said...

I am definitely going to have to read these now to get a good laugh