Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cash Advances...

I love covers. I always think it's neat to hear what one band or performer has to say about another's work.

I mention this as a way of mentioning that I went to see the City on Film (Bob Nanna) tonight. He played three covers, among a big bunch of neat Bob Nanna-ness.

He opened with Amy Winehouse's "Tears dry on their own," played Lifter Puller's "Secret Santa Cruz" somewhere in the middle, and played "Come on Eileen" near the end.

I love Mr. Nanna's cover of "Secret Santa Cruz" because his voice is so totally different than Craig Finn's. When Finn sings it, he's yelling about this fucked up story about this girl he knows, how she did it in a disco! With some guy from San Francisco! When Bob Nanna sings it, he's telling out this very sad story, about how Candy's back on campus, and she can't believe that it's September, and even though he knows the story, he asks her how she spent her summer, and sings it like is this still fucked up, but terribly sad story.

It's really an amazing thing to hear.

The other neat thing about this show is that the audience way, at absolute most, 15 people, all just standing around the stage, occasionally singing along, sometimes talking to Bob Nanna, or suggesting songs to play, or giving him beer.

It was quite a time.

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Kristian Campbell said...

Man these are some good reads. You should check out my blog sometime (I'm pretty sure I linked it somehow, by clicking my name I think), nowhere near as articulate so lower your expectations when you read it!