Monday, September 14, 2009

These fuckers.

There are few things more horrible to see than someone imagining widespread death and destruction and practically rubbing his hands in glee. This fucker, however, is doing just that. Hiding behind a false sense of patriotism, he plots an American version of the killing fields. In the first weeks, he imagines that "numerous politicians, Obama hacks, federal judges, and media members would be killed" and "this period would be remembered as the time of purging." "Obama supporters would be summarily executed in their homes and on the streets," he continues, probably imagining himself holding a gun to the head of his neighbor, who had the gall to put an Obama sticker on his car. Political structures break down, as
"local law enforcement and the state’s National Guards would be providing humanitarian assistance only, and their orders would include not firing on armed Americans and using their own firearms only to defend women and children, having already experienced losses themselves for interfering with summary executions of male Obama supporters."
What he's describing is Yugoslavia in the Heartland.

It gets worse. As his blood gets pumping, he begins to imaging a grand new world order. University professors, he assures us, would be "targeted for killing," and California would be sealed off, and anyone attempting to flee eastward would be shot on sight. "At the local level, those bureaucrats who had exceeded their authority would also be targeted," he writes, which I can only assume means a settling of petty, parochial grudges - the teacher who taught evolution, or perhaps the building inspector or social worker.

While never calling for a race war (perhaps realizing that, being a convert from Judaism to Orthodox Christianity, he himself would be a target if one broke out)
, he cannot stop himself from enjoying fantasies of seeing the untermenschen purged.
"Obama could empty the prisons and attempt to arm any inmate who would support him. The upside to this move is that America would rid itself of a large portion of its prison population as these individuals were gunned-down mercilessly."
"Despite the unfortunate sub-war that broke out along racial lines during the revolution, racial tensions are at the lowest they have ever been, because the race-baiters and welfare-pimps are all dead or awaiting execution."
He also rhapsodizes about anyone crossing the border being met with deadly force, and proposes what is essentially slavery.
"inner-city youth would be working on public projects for food and shelter, with misbehavior or criminal activity met with summary execution."
He also discusses, at length, the fact that execution by firing squad will be common for everyone from petty criminals to enemies of the state.

This fucker's dream world is a toxic mess, a revolution allegedly fought for freedom that, before the first shot is fired, turns into a vicious nightmare. Our most sacrosanct rights, including freedom of religion, are trampled. "Churches would also be released from their current constraint on addressing political issues, but radical America-haters like Jeremiah Wright would be tried for treason." and "As a further amendment to Freedom of Religion, those religious entities that refuse to abide by the Constitution and foment sub-cultures and lobby for “religious law” are banned, their assets seized, and said assets distributed to Americans for the “general welfare” — regardless of the recipient’s religious beliefs or lack thereof." He flatly admits that "free speech would be curtailed," and seems to relish the idea of prisions sitting empty, except for those awaiting trial and their inevitable execution.

The most shocking thing? The death toll. This fucker figures on at least a sixth of the country (50,000,000-70,000,000) dying during these uprisings.

It's easy, on the left, to dismiss the teabaggers as whiny babies upset because they lost an election, or uneducated hicks, but it's more dangerous than that. Our society is so fractured, so unable to trust in its basic political institutions, that there's fertile ground for extremism to flourish. I doubt that this blogger has enough followers to form up even a decent fire team, but the danger he represents is all too real.


Marty said...

Free speech does not cover sedition. Doesn't encouraging an armed insurrection due to political reasons pretty much define sedition?

This is frightening.

Becky said...

The Smith Act is still on the books, though it will probably never be used. A nurse in 2005 was accused of sedition when she wrote a letter accusing government officials of criminal negligence, according to Wikipedia. Though I haven't read her letter, I think it's safe to say that this fucker is a lot worse.