Monday, September 14, 2009

He's really that bad?

This is what Teabaggers actually believe. This is why they think it's ok to call for rivers of blood. They are either completely ignorant of the realities of living under a totalitarian regime, or they are so frightened that they honestly believe the Barack Obama, a man who is personally and politically moderate and pragmatic, is worse than Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Castro combined.

Really, take a nice browse through that photostream.

They've deified Joe Wilson, a man with troubling ties to the radicalized SCV and a history of racist foot-in-mouth disease.There are constant claims to legitimacy and majority (when, really, Obama was elected by a fairly wide margin, given how other recent races turned out), including some outright threats. Maybe this one is a step up?The Birthers, too, were out in force - one sign showed the forged birth certificate that Orly Taitz was flogging a few weeks back.
There was also, of course, some racist fuckbaggery...... and some charming displays of paranoia.Any claims that this was about health care or taxes got blown out of the water by the unrelated signs. This was an antigovernment protest. I think we're going to see more of them.The point is to get any conceivable allies together. The Right in this country is coalescing into an organized political movment.My favorite sign didn't make any damn sense. What's this "we" are John Galt?I didn't even bother to post any of the traitor flags, or the signs about the "tree of liberty" (which, may I remind you, is a quote most associated in recent years with mass murdering terrorist Timothy McVeigh). This is, again, the kind of rhetoric they're rocking. This is how they're talking openly about killing their fellow citizens.

Edit: Had to add this one. They're now proud of being terrorists?
(photos from NineTwelvePhotos on flickr.)

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