Friday, September 18, 2009

Look at this toolbox!

There really are no words. It takes a special kind of entitled jackass to do what this guy does. The pimp video guy is, apparently, not just your average citizen outraged by the nefarious dealings of this fascist monstrosity, but a carefully groomed right-wing activist. Vide:
But despite these personal agonies, O’Keefe bravely moved forward and rightward. He was part of a discussion group at the 2008 CPAC titled “Conservative victories with the new media.” In the audience was famous conservative gay male prostitute Jeff Gannon, who, coincidentally, was a graduate of the “The Leadership Institute” which O’Keefe was representing. The Leadership Institute “recruits, trains and finds jobs for right-wing activists in the public policy field” and among its famous graduates is Karl Rove. Like Fox News, it seeks to make colleges more conservative. Obviously we can’t know for sure if this is the Leadership Institue, but O’Keefe, on his website “Feathers of Steel,” gives “Special thanks to the 4000 dollar 60 inch HDTV monitor LI bought me to produce and edit movies.” (Hmm, do we have a “sugar daddy?”)
It's really amazing the extent to which the right has a better activist training and placement apparatus than the left. It's almost as if there were some sort of vast conspiracy.

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