Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something Different.

My friend Becky and I will sometimes bemoan the current state of western intellectual life, and it's things like this that cause it. I get in this elitist snit because, fuck, 2 million copies of an airport novel about the Freemasons and I can't get a motherfucker to read some Orwell to save his life, but then I think, 2 million people putting words in their heads via their eyes. That's pretty massive. I mean, just on a sort of "fuck yeah, humanity!" level. We not only invented a way of taking thoughts out of our brains and sharing them with other people, we let enough people in on that magic that some jackass with a talent for exciting plots and minor puzzles can make a damn good living at it.

That's pretty cool.


Becky said...

Bam! We're better than everyone else! Seriously, the fact that this isn't the most heinous crime against intellectualism and taste I can think of this week (number #1 being that "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" will probably make more money than "Schindler's List" did in theatres), says too much about the direction of this country. As with all disappointments, this must be blamed on Richard Nixon and Tom Coburn.

Becky said...

PS. Right after my comment was published, a Tucker Max promo was aired, followed by a Twilight commercial. I know you found something "cool" in Dan Brown, but these two have no merit. When is Jesus going to get here already?