Monday, December 31, 2007

Year End Lists are bunk!

I have a hard time remember what went on in January, or what I thought (in the middle of the year) was neat enough to be included on a year-end list. But I'm going to make a game attempt anyway.

Top N (where n = some as yet undefined number of things) Things of 2007.
  1. Two night Hold Steady extravaganza. Exactly what it sounds like. Marcus and I went to go see the Hold Steady in Milwaukee one night, crashed at my friends, made fun of juggaloes, and then went to Madison to see the Hold Steady again. Bonus points for: getting up on stage and dancing the first night, and seeing Craig Finn jogging before the show the second.
  2. Directed a Show. I directed a production of Tom Stoppard's Arcadia for the New Revels Players this year. Something I've wanted to do for some time, so it goes in here as a personal best.
  3. The Weakerthans. Possibly the best 90 minutes of the past 6 months, for serious. Got there just in time for the Weakerthans themselves, and saw them play everything, pretty much. I was running a fever in the car on the way to the show, and by the end of the set, it was done. Magic, I tell you!.
  4. The Baroque Cycle. I love Neal Stephenson. He wrote two of the best SF novels of the 90's (Snow Crash and the Diamond Age) and one of the great-novels-I-have-yet-to-read, The Cryptonomicon. He also wrote a several thousand page group of novels about the period between roughly the Restoration and the Hanoverian Dynasty. It's huge, both in concept and in size, massively immersive, a bit messy, and incredibly fun. It took me basically all summer to read, but man-oh-man, was it worth it.
It's only a 4 item list, I'm afraid. But those were the big ones. If there are any I've missed that you think I should remember, let me know.

Happy New Year.

On Edit:
Duh, LOLcats, and LOLChthulu, and LOLsecretz, and all the other spawn of image macros. Brought so much joy into my life this year. I'm not even lying. I just noticed today that Paris' Airport is called Orly, and it made my heart sing. It was a very good year.


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