Tuesday, December 4, 2007

U of I roundup.

If you magically live in both Chambana and a cave, you might be interested to know that the Fighting Illini are going to the Rose Bowl. If you don't live in Chambana, you probably don't care. If you don't live in a cave, you probably already knew.

Now, this is terribly exciting if you follow football, or own more than two items of Illini gear (sad story, I own one, a graduation present). If not, may I suggest an alternative to this Rose Bowl fever.

Illini Hockey.

Seriously, 5$ to get in (last time I checked), the rowdiest fans ever (the infamous Harassing Illini)*, nice breaks between periods where one could, theoretically, seek liquid refreshment elsewhere**, and you know, it's hockey, which is scientifically proven to be 8 times less boring than football***. Seriously, check out a game. It's a good-ass time.

In other news, apparently some other Illini people have blogs. One of these blogs is by a friend of mine. Another causes acute chest pain. Yet another is mostly pictures. My hypothetical readers are all smart people, I'm sure you can tell which is which.

The DI has given the president of "Students for Chief Illiniwek" his own column. This fella, Paul Schmidt, ran for student trustee based solely on saving the Chief. Now, as you see from the linked page with his DI columns, he has other concerns****, and the DI can hire whoever the hell it wants, but giving the head of a campus pressure group, especially a group devoted to such a complete***** non issue, weekly space in the paper rubs me the wrong way.

That's pretty much all I have to report.

*in a stunning, but entertaining, display of bad sportsmanship, I once saw them end a game against Minnesota (6-1 Illinois, I think) with a chant of "bring out the short bus."

**I mention this only for the sake of completeness, and do not condone drinking at the theoretically alcohol-free Ice Arena. But it is theoretically possible. I mean, they have to zamboni all that ice. Those are long breaks.

***Yes, football is boring. I like baseball, which is proverbial for being boring, and I think football is boring. That's how boring it is.

****To recap: the farm column was interesting, his support of a pope who looks to repeal Vatican II is unfortunate, and his labored comparison of George w. Bush and Harry S. Truman is unfortunate and poorly researched.

*****complete, utter, fucking, non-issue. Make Lincoln Hall habitable, make the student health services not suck, get classes down to below 400 students, address the actual racism on campus (admittedly, this may be a bit hard in a school that's overwhelmingly white and suburban, and not actually the administration's fault), do something about how goddamn expensive college is, and then maybe, maybe, worry about the fact that we have (had?) a mascot just this side of the tasteful line from the grinning fella from the Cleveland Indians. But not before.


Sarah said...

man children?

Matt said...

The suit doesn't help. God bless him, he looks like he's dressed up for his first communion.

Emma said...

Actually, the student health services are working great for me. But the more people I talk to, the more I think I might really be the only person on campus who not only doesn't hate McKinley, but loves her primary care doctor.