Wednesday, December 12, 2007

DI Roundup, part 2

I'm trying terribly hard not to make this a Paul Schmitt fan column, but the man is made of gold.
Gold whose chemical structure is a continued obsession with our favorite Village Person.

For instance, this week is semester retrospective week, and number two on Our Mr. Schmitt's list of UI's All-Stars is the Chief. Yes, that Chief. Above the US Military (we saw three really neat flyovers*, and, you know, that whole risking life and limb in service to our country thing**). Below Illini football, but that's only to be expected give Rose Bowl Fever.

His All-Stiffs list***? The C-U Senate, most of the upper administration of the University, and the funding committee. After his citation for the funding committee (which was right on) he carps that people complain that he doesn't have his priorities straight. Now, if actually making UIUC livable was his chief (sorry) concern, I'd agree with his bafflement, but as it isn't his Chief concern, I have to say that he doesn't.

*It looked like two by F-16s and one by F-18s. It made my inner 5th grader really happy.
**He puts this below the flyovers. Probably not intentional, but bad form.
***I'd like to rename the "Feast of All Souls, Commemoration for the Faithful Departed" All Stiff's day, but it's probably in bad taste. Also, does anyone know how to enter daggers, double daggers, and all those other great bits of miscellany, so I don't have to use greater and greater strings of asterisks?

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