Friday, January 11, 2008

The past is a foreign country

One of the big advances from the past few centuries, I shouldn't even have to say, is photography. I don't really notice it anymore, which means that it's worked, like print. It's become such a part of our lives, that we notice when it's gone, for the most part. It sounds stupidly obvious to say it, but it lets us capture moments in time, either for now (e.g. Facebook pictures) or for posterity (e.g. Mathew Brady) So, when a collection like Tom Sutpen's blog crops up, it's always cool. Fashion pictures from long ago, mid-century advertising, old pin-ups, series like "Trick Dick" and "Before and After," and "Weekly Weegee" all make it a great way to lose a few hours.

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Emma said...

When I get around to getting a invite, I'm planning to go back and look at every video you've ever posted. I've started making by-month playlists and I usually like whatever I'm listening to too much to stop it for anything less urgent than a fried egg sandwich.

Although, I watch things you post way more than anyone else [like, I never watch anything anyone else posts, pretty much, ever]. So, you know, be flattered, or something. Love.