Thursday, January 3, 2008

I picked up a new obsession.

I watched 7 hours of Made the other day. Made, the MTV show where high school kids who are unsatisfied with how they are apply scads of willpower to becoming something completely different. It's completely addictive. I'm not sure what it is, but I got completely sucked in, and am now scouring the MTV schedule for the next time to see it.*

I mention this by way of the results of this week's youtube browsing.† I was bumming around in the aether, watching all those videos of 2007 that people sent me, when I came upon the (classic?) hipster olympics. In the ever-useful "related videos" section, I found a promo for "Made: I want to be a hipster"

All 4 parts of the episode are on Youtube, and even though taking the Made concept out of high school makes it a bit weird, I still minorly lol'd.‡

*If you seek me from 2-8pm today, I will be on my couch, transfixed. They're showing all the episodes of SuperMade.
†I refuse to verb the word "Youtube."
‡Fun Fact: "minorly" is apparently not a word, but "min orly" is.

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