Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This young man is absolutely right!

Lonewolf Diaries is a true hero of our modern age. It takes a strong man and able comedian to bring forth such truths as "Europe sucks" and "everything I need to know about international diplomacy I learned on the playground."

His most recent column fires a broadside against humorless liberalism and their fascist attempts to control Hollywood and oppress straight, white males. Apparently, we can't make fun of queers anymore (I would not have known this if not for Mr. Crowder's brave reporting). I mean come on - fags are hilarious! I'm serious, mincing around, flapping their limp wrists - what could be better? Humor not hatred , you know?

And along those lines, when was the last time you say a good minstrel show? I miss seeing fate white guys dancing and eating watermelon - and apparently we're not even supposed to make jokes about black people and watermelon. We're supposed to act like those people are real human beings! It's all in good fun! Humor not hatred, remember?

And seriously, are there even any Indians around anymore? Why do people get in such a tizzy over me painting stripes on my face and going "How!" or making war-whoops? No harm, no foul, right? Humor, not hatred.

Why do stuffy, humorless libs always have to ruin my fun!

*and we've finally gone over a week without an incident. Go USA!

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